About RS Contracting

Our History

About RS Contracting: Since its establishment in 2002, we have not only established ourselves as a reliable supplier of advanced machines and process installations but also as a pioneer in process technology.

Our journey began with a clear vision: transforming mixing and dispersing processes by introducing innovative technologies and solutions. Over the years, we have overcome numerous challenges, entered new markets, and built strong relationships with our customers and partners.

In 2008, we constructed a new building that has been in use since 2009. Building process kids, further development, and testing of processes, as well as expanding our service and maintenance, became possible.

In 2021, we achieved a new milestone with the introduction of our new Rmixx machine line. These innovative mixers and machines are the result of our dedication to quality, efficiency, and forward-thinking. They symbolize our ongoing commitment to meeting the changing needs of the market and providing solutions that not only meet our customers’ expectations but also exceed them. As we reflect on our achievements, we also look forward with confidence to the future and the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Oprichting RS Contracting in 2002
Opening RSC
Nieuw pand van RS Contracting in gebruik sinds 2009
Introductie van de Rmixx machinelijn in 2021 door RS Contracting

Technology en Innovation

About RS Contracting’s commitment to innovation: We aim to be at the forefront of process technology. Our Rmixx mixing machines are a perfect example of how we listen to the market’s needs and provide innovative solutions. The demand for advanced mixing technologies is high, and we are committed to meeting this demand by continuously investing in research and development.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Sustainability is a core value at RS Contracting. We are proud of our efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. Our business premises are energy neutral due to the use of heat pumps, a roof fully equipped with solar panels, and LED lighting in the offices and production areas. Moreover, we have invested in electric cars, further reducing our ecological footprint. These initiatives are just a part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Monteur bij RS Contracting

What Drives Us

When thinking about RS Contracting, it’s essential to understand our mission. It goes beyond just delivering high-quality machines. We are driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and a deep respect for our customers and partners. As we continue to grow and evolve, our core values remain unchanged. We aim to create genuine value and exceed the standards of our industry.