Inline Powder Wetting Machine

Powder Induction, Wetting, and Dispersion

The inline powder wetting machines from Rmixx are designed for dust-free induction, wetting, and dispersion of powders into liquids. These machines operate on the rotor-stator principle, creating a strong vacuum for dust-free powder induction and dispersion.

Unlike the batch powder induction mixers, these machines are positioned outside the liquid tank. This setup allows the machine to focus its full power on a very small amount of liquid, achieving maximum effectiveness in wetting and dispersion.

The Inline Powder Wetting Machine Offers Strong Advantages

  • Reduction of Production Times with Higher End Quality

  • Fast Wetting Times
  • Limited or No Post-Processing Times with a Ball Mill
  • Elimination of Production Steps
  • High Reproducibility Without Operator Influence
  • The Advanced Operating Principle Allows for Emulsions with a Narrow Particle Spectrum
  • The Operating Principle Can Achieve a Completely Smooth End Product Without Agglomerates

  • Design Fully Compliant with EHEDG Guidelines and Fully CIP Cleanable
  • Powerful, Independent Pump Action Eliminating the Need for Extra Pumps in Most Setups
  • Also Suitable for High Viscosity Processing

The Operation of the Inline Powder Wetting Machine

  • The product passes through a rotor-stator system.

  • The inner rotor ring accelerates the liquid to a maximum, then the stator ring brings it to a halt, followed by acceleration again through the next rotor ring.
  • This process effectively reduces the size of solids and/or droplets and distributes them homogeneously.

Direct and Highly Reliable Drive for an Extremely Long Service Life

The direct-driven RMC features a solid coupling housing, eliminating the need for time-consuming and specialized alignment actions. It comes standard with an easily accessible claw coupling.

Optionally, a freewheel coupling can be installed, which greatly reduces damage to the machine caused by foreign objects. This freewheel coupling is very easy to reset, allowing you to be fully operational again in no time.

Seal Liquid System, the Easily Interchangeable Cartridge Seal

The RMC is equipped with a top-quality seal housing featuring a quickly interchangeable cartridge seal, consisting of a double mechanical seal in accordance with the high hygiene standards of EHEDG.
The Seal Liquid System provides excellent protection and easy accessibility to the seal connections for service and inspection, minimizing maintenance requirements.

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The machine is characterized by:

  • Dust-free and loss-free processing, no need for refilling, no dust extraction installations, no filters.

  • Direct powder intake from bags, silos, powder hoppers, BigBags, or powder containers.
  • Immediate and complete wetting, directly in the liquid stream, preventing any powder residues or crusts on the tank wall or the mixing shaft.
  • Higher dispersion degree than conventional mixing and dispersing processes.
  • Liquids or gases can also be drawn in.
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaning without disassembly.

Technical Data

Power: up to 90 kW

Speed: up to 3,600 rpm
Circulating Capacity: depending on the size of the machine, increasing to > 100 m³/h
Mechanical Seals: Quick-change cartridge seals fully compliant with EHEDG guidelines.
Elastomers: As per customer request. (Viton, EPDM, FFKM/Kalrez, FDA-approved, etc.)

Suction Speed: up to more than 20 t/h

Voltage: 230/400/500 V, 50 Hz, special voltages possible

Dispersing Chamber: stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316 L), special materials, interchangeable tools, separate stators for powders and liquids
Viscosity: from low to (very) high viscosities (depending on the size and use of the machine)
Options: explosion-proof design, (material) certificates, qualifications


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