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A leader in process technology

RS Contracting supplies mixers, dispersers, and combined mixing-dispersing systems in all sizes. From small laboratory mixers to large industrial machines.

Especially in the area of dust-free powder induction, we have established a reputation. This is largely due to our more than 25 years of experience and our consistent pursuit of solutions, frequently testing specific processes. Recently, a brand-new line of high-quality mixing systems was developed in-house under the name Rmixx.

With our flexible approach and experience in process technology, state-of-the-art techniques are developed and applied as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We guarantee responsible and contemporary development and delivery of high-quality machines and process systems.

Vision of our team

Richard Scherpen - RS Contracting

“At RS Contracting, we combine our passion for delivering advanced machines with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are more than a company – we are your partner in elevating the efficiency and productivity of your business.”

Richard Scherpen, Director ~ RS Contracting
Antion - RS Contracting

“As a Sales & Project Engineer at RS Contracting, my goal is to provide our customers with not only advanced machines but also a partnership based on trust, quality, and innovation. Together, we can elevate the efficiency and productivity of your business to new heights.”

Antoin Hoogesteger, Sales & project engineer ~ RS Contracting

Machines at RS Contracting

RS Contracting provides the right solution for every mixing process. Our extensive experience in process technology, combined with our years of knowledge about mixing processes, ensures a high-quality solution, in every sense of the word!

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RMY stuwstraalmenger

RMY Jet Stream Mixer


RMD Dispersing Jet Stream Mixer


RMD-HS Dispersing Jet Stream Mixer – High Shear

Rmixx RMZ

RMZ Inline Dispersing Machine

Rmixx RMC

RMC Inline Powder Wetting Machines


RMP Batch Powder Induction Mixers

Process installations

Paints and varnishes, ink, glue, sealing and insulation materials, coatings, spray emulsions, chocolate fillings, dairy products, active coatings, cleaning products, hygiene products, and many other products are already manufactured using the installations we provide. The profitability and efficiency of production processes can be significantly increased thanks to our Rmixx state of the art mixing systems and installations […]

Procestechniek bij RS Contracting


RS Contracting provides the right solution for every process. Our extensive experience in a wide range of industrial sectors, combined with our years of knowledge about mixing systems, ensures efficient industry-specific solutions.
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